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Choosing Pro Point Roofing as your roofing experts, means you're partnering with the best in the business. Our skilled staff listen to your questions and concerns and implement a course of action that best fits your needs and situation. 


We work with you to select the right materials and solutions that meet your budget



Roof Restoration - Does your roof look tired?

A complete roof restoration is an affordable way to totally transform the appearance your home but it's also a job best left to the professionals.


The roof is often more than half the visible profile of a home so when the roof looks great so does the rest the home. There is a strong evidence that a roof restoration increases the appeal of potential buyers, and also its value.

A roof restoration can be completed on a cement, terracotta tile and or metal roof.

This also includes, fascia and scotia replacement, if required.

Roof Repairs - Have you got a problem with your roof?

Over time, just like anything else, roofs go through a cycle of wear and tear. General wear and tear need to be identified immediately to avoid substantial damage. 

Minor wear and tear, such as broken tiles, damaged or rusted valleys or small leaks can be restored though our roof repair services 


Emergency Roof Repairs - Storm Damage 

If faced with emergency roof repairs no matter what kind of roofing we have you covered 24/7.


A damaged roof is no longer weatherproof and maybe vulnerable to damaging winds and rain allowing moisture and wind into the structure so any repairs should be taken care of straight away

Gutter & Downpipe Replacement

If you have noticed that your current gutters are leaking or even overflowing, there could be some serious underlying issues that need addressing. Your downpipes and gutters maybe clean, yet still leaking and overflowing indicating the need for a gutter assessment.



Gutter Cleaning 

We strive to quickly, safely, and efficiently clear blocked downpipes and overflowing gutters for both residential and commercial properties.


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